Project Details

Psychologically Safe Care in Burns Lake

Project Status: Active

HSDA: Northern Interior

Community: Burns Lake

Physician Lead: Douglas, Shannon

Aim Statement / Goal

We aim to establish a mechanism to safely offer every patient and patient advocate the opportunity to report on their experience of psychological safety at Lakes District Hospital. We plan to have this process for collecting community insights at the point of care worked out in the next 6 months.


This project is to complete a survey as a PDSA to assess the patient experience of psychological safe communication. Several PDSA cycles may be needed in order to create an accurate snapshot. The project will start once a survey is developed and end once we have successfully completed enough PDSA cycles to either adopt the survey or drop this as a mechanism of assessment. This survey will be for all individuals who have experience with services at Lakes District Hospital.

The successful establishment of this process will:

  • Provide us with the mechanism to understand and acknowledge the patient experience of cultural and psychological safety
  • Establish a metric and support the teams in a reflective assessment with a goal to improving the cultural and psychological safety of care for both patients and providers

The overarching goal of this work is to assess and improve care that is respectful to patients and family preferences, needs and values. We want to ensure that patients feel that their concerns are heard and that they are treated in a psychologically and culturally safe manner. We want to ensure that communication within care teams is also psychologically and culturally safe.

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This project is listed as active. If you would like to participate in this activity, or would like more information, please contact us.