Qualitycast North – a PQI podcast hosted by the NHPQI Physician Lead Dr. Shyr Chui.

The Qualitycast North podcast will highlight Northern Physicians who are leading the way in a culture shift for quality improvement, and supporting the goals of the quadruple aim.

The quadruple aim includes:

  1. Sustainability (a cost effective system);
  2. Improved patient experience;
  3. Improved provider experience; and
  4. Better health care outcomes for those we serve here in the North

About the Podcast

Qualitycast North will be recording regularly, and looks forward to delivering you an exciting interview with our celebrated local physicians. During our interviews we’ll outline their project, the effect quality improvement has on their practice, and get to know them a little bit more.

We look forward to sharing these innovations, and hope to inspire you to think about quality improvement and how it may change your own work and home environment.

Chat soon!

First podcast to drop late September. Please contact us if you’d like to receive a notification when Qualitycast North goes live.

About Northern Health

The Northern Health Authority covers over 600 thousand square kilometres, serving 300,000 people. We have 7400 employed staff within the Northern Health Authority, and 490 practicing/traveling physicians (general practitioners and specialists).

We provide services in rural and remote areas with geographic and environmental challenges. But, you get all of the excitement that a culture of quality improvement can provide. And honestly, our environment here in the North does affect service delivery here. And we look forward to sharing them with you.