Our Purpose

The Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) program is one of the major initiatives of the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) of BC. Our team is dedicated to providing quality improvement education, coaching, and support to physicians and their teams across the Northern Health region.

PQI Program Goals

Provide training and support to physicians, through technical resources and expertise, to lead quality improvement (QI) projects, which build QI capacity. This investment increases physician involvement in QI and enhances the delivery of quality patient care.

Program Overview

  • Create a culture of quality improvement
  • Provide training and opportunities for quality improvement activities
  • Enhance quality improvement capability
  • Collaborate with the health authorities


Empower physicians to enable a continuous improvement culture, to achieve excellence in care for patients and families, where BC is a model for health and wellness globally.


Enhancing physician QI capacity, in collaboration with patients and the healthcare system, to create a QI culture and excellence of care.


  • Trust

    We create an environment of trust through transparency, integrity, reliability, accountability, and principled actions.

  • Teamwork

    We work together and value the contributions of all, treating each other with dignity,respect, fairness, and empathy.

  • Service

    We ensure the best possible care, safety, and well being of our patients and fellow providers.

  • Joy in Work

    We promote professional fulfilment and satisfaction, including enriching relationships.

  • Innovation

    We demonstrate continuous quality improvement through innovation and learning.

  • Courage

    We drive changes and challenge the status quo to transform healthcare.

Northern Health PQI Offerings

Introduction to Quality Improvement · Level 1

Get exposed to the exciting world of quality improvement and develop an interest in learning more.

Topics include:

  • What is quality improvement?
  • Introduction to a project charter

Intro to QI Workshop +

A 2 hour interactive, in-person workshop facilitated by your very own Northern PQI coaches.

An Introduction to the Model for Improvement, and how it can be used to guide and manage your health care improvements.

IHI Open School +

Brief, informative online modules that can be completed at your own pace. The IHI online modules will introduce you to the Model for Improvement, and show you how to apply it to your own improvements in a healthcare setting.

Quality Improvement Fundamentals · Level 2

Obtain the skills to participate in a successful quality improvement project.

Topics include:

  • Quality Improvement Charter
  • Process Mapping
  • Driver Diagrams
  • Building a team
  • Change Ideas
  • Measurement Basics
  • PDSA Cycles
  • Liberating Structures

QI Fundamentals +

Bring your project idea and team to this full-day interactive workshop. A PQI Coach will support for you for up to 10 hours on your project idea!

Skill Building Sessions +

Quick-paced, skill specific training designed to address what you need to know, when you need to know it. Your coach will support you with training on a tool or skill and then help you apply your learning to your project.

Virtual Action Learning Series (VALS) · Level 3

Advance your skills and understanding to lead quality improvement projects and teams to spark positive change in your workplace.

Virtual Action Learning Series (VALS) +

Join a virtual cohort of teams from across Northern Health to simultaneously learn together and complete quality improvement projects with a shared priority.

PQI CME Sessions · Level 3

Advance or refresh your skills and understanding of quality improvement resources and tools.

Systems Thinking & Navigation

Understanding the system that we are working in is the first step to any QI project.

QI Tools & Data +

This interactive workshop allows you to try out a number of QI tools and learn about how to use data in QI.

Organizing Your Project +

Practical tools and skills to keep your team organized and make your project a success.

Working with Patient Partners +

Health care is all about the patient, so why not ask the patient what would improve the system?

Additional Offerings

In addition to Quality Improvement training, PQI also offers:

  • Support to attend quality improvement conferences
  • Physician peer mentorship
  • Coaching, which includes:
    • Facilitating quality improvement training
    • Delivering skill building workshops
    • Identifying project specific training needs and supports

The Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) initiative addresses gaps in quality structures relating to physician participation in QI activities and ensures those physicians have adequate dedicated technical supports (i.e. data analysts, quality improvement advisors, etc.).

Person & Family Centered Care (PFCC)

The NH PQI Program is committed to developing a culture of Person and Family Centered Care (PFCC).

We continue to build a foundation of PFCC within our policies, processes and physician education. An example of this is the recent development of the NH PQI Patient Partner Onboarding process; developed in collaboration with patient partners.

Indigenous Cultural Safety & Humility

“The NH PQI program acknowledges the lands that we live, work, and learn on.” - Northern Health Physician Quality Improvement Program

Acknowledging Traditional Territory during PQI meetings and education sessions is our first step towards endorsing and promoting cultural humility.

The NH Physician QI Program recognizes the link between quality improvement and Indigenous Cultural Safety & Humility. These links include but are not limited to:

  • Patient experience being a key dimension of quality care
  • The increasing evidence that BC’s Indigenous population has significantly worse experiences of care than the Non-Indigenous population. “In Plain Sight” investigative report (Nov 2020)