Project Details

Mills Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Industrial Transfers

Project Status: Active

HSDA: North West

Community: Terrace

Physician Lead: McGivery, Kyle

Aim Statement / Goal

To ensure that 100% of patient transfers from Bruce Jack and Red Chris Mines to the Emergency Department are clearly communicated and are appropriate for services within Mills Memorial Hospital by April 2022.


The MMH Emergency Department (ED) has been receiving an increasing number of patients from surrounding industrial sites in the northwest region. Many of these transfers have been either inappropriate for the services provided at MMH or have been poorly communicated to the ED team. This has lead to confusion among ED staff and potentially worse patient care

Change Ideas:

Initiate direct communication with Emergency Room Physicians from sending sites for all transfers
• Complete incoming patient forms for all expected patients; included at physician handover
• Educate ED staff and Iridia Medical staff on transfer process; ongoing communication

Project Storyboard

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