Project Details

Improving Pediatric Type-1 Diabetes Clinic Efficiency

Project Status: complete

HSDA: UNHBC / Prince George

Community: Prince George

Physician Lead: Miller, Kirsten

Aim Statement / Goal

To improve the efficiency of Dr. Miller's type 1 diabetes clinic by limiting the time the physician spends per appointment to 30 minutes. To accomplish this while ensuring that all multidisciplinary team members maintain high quality patient/family encounters. To accomplish this by September 2019.


To change the flow of the clinic by having patients/families see team members at different times, to create a medical questionnaire for patients/families to fill out prior to the appointment to decrease the number of questions being asked by the physician, to implement a recommendations sheet to be used by the physcian, nurses and dietitian and patients/families are given a copy at the end of the visit.

Project Storyboard

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