Project Details

Emergency Transfer Improvement Project

Project Status: complete

HSDA: Northern Interior

Community: Vanderhoof

Physician Lead: Deschner, Kurt

Aim Statement / Goal

At St John Hospital we aim to improve patient outcomes during transfer to higher level of care for critically ill patients. This project will start in March 2019 and be complete by August 2019. We aim to:

1. Reduce errors and preventable adverse events with an ultimate vision of ‘zero’

2. Improve provider confidence and competence – measure to be determined once baseline is established.


This project will encompass emergency transfers of critically ill patients from the ER department and critically ill neonates. A current state analysis will be completed to identify areas for improvement related to; improved communication and role clarity, implementing standard processes of care, staff skill development, and standard processes to evaluate and debrief each event.

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This project has been completed. If you would like to learn more about the project findings, we are here to help! Please contact us with your questions.