Project Details

Development of an Airway Checklist for UHNBC Emergency Physicians

Project Status: complete

HSDA: UNHBC / Prince George

Community: Prince George

Physician Lead: Johal, Herman

Aim Statement / Goal

To have at least 80% of intubations performed at UHNBC by an Emergency Physician use an airway checklist by March 2022


Patients that require ED intubation and mechanical ventilation pose numerous physiological and/or anatomical difficulties which create a significant threat of adverse events associated with this procedure. Moreover, this time sensitive procedure usually requires multiple members of the healthcare team (i.e. MD, nurses, RTs) necessitating effective communication and team dynamics to carry out successfully. This project worked to determine the current rate of adverse events; as well as perceived team dynamics and communication amongst staff surrounding ED intubations at UHNBC. A standardized approach and safety checklist for performing intubations in the UHNBC ED was developed, tested, and implemented

Project Storyboard

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