Project Details

Motivational Interviewing for Adolescents with Poor Type 1 Diabetes Adherence Behaviours

Project Status: complete

HSDA: UNHBC / Prince George

Community: Prince George

Physician Lead: Ambrose, Holly

Aim Statement / Goal

To decrease the hemaglobin A1c values in adolescent patients by 0.5-1% in a sustained fashion (maintenace for 12 months) in Prince Geroge by September 2020.


Adolescence can be a challenging time in the management of diabetes due to a number of physiological and psychological issues. This project aims to use motivational interviewing to provide teen patients (Gr. 8-12) with counselling and support to help them find ways to improve their diabetes self management.

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This project has been completed. If you would like to learn more about the project findings, we are here to help! Please contact us with your questions.