December 2nd 2021 | by Heather Walker

VALS Cohort Opportunity Now Open

Do you have a great idea for improving something in your workplace? Is there a pebble in your shoe? Do you want to learn quality improvement tools and skills and lead your team to greatness?

The physician quality improvement program is currently inviting physicians and their co-leadership dyad partners to apply to join the fourth cohort of the Virtual Action Learning Series. The learning series is offered as a series of eight one and a half hour education sessions with dedicated support from the PQI coaching staff. You will recruit a multidisciplinary team to complete a quality improvement project addressing the challenges you identify in your place of work.

Previous cohorts have included teams from across the region and a wide variety of specialties working on diverse projects of interest. Past work included improvement of visual acuity testing in the UHNBC ED, addressing weight bias amongst providers and staff in a primary care clinic, improvements to regional virtual care in the UHNBC renal clinic, improving rural and remote physician handover in Dease Lake and so many more. Check out our website for more information and inspiration on past projects at and apply to join our next cohort today here or contact us for more information at: