May 25th 2021 | by Heather Walker

PQI Happy Hour: Grab a Beverage & Put Your Feet Up!

The creation of the Happy Hour platform happened during the onset of our Covid-19 outbreak. We very quickly realized our opportunities for connection and collegiality didn’t exist in this digital world.

Happy Hour was realized when we noticed our quality improvement alumni physicians didn’t have anywhere to kick and back and relax and discuss as colleagues and curious peers about their accomplishments.


There are many formal ways to share, publish or distribute the team’s work. We get opportunities to present at the BCPSQC and JCC forum. We encourage you all to share your poster board at the Northern Health Quality forum coming this fall, and at provincial, national and international conferences.

But – we did also receive feedback that it would be nice to share, consult and discuss with our own NH physicians and hear what they are up to.

With that feedback our team did some brainstorming, and Happy Hour was born.

The Happy Hour sessions to date have been very rich, and created connections between colleagues that didn’t maybe even know each other before the session.

What do we do during Happy Hour?

The structure is very casual

During Happy Hour one of our physicians presents a recent quality project or activity, and then the discussion is open.

Sometimes a physician may bring a concern to the group and look for solutions, or provide suggestions for spread and sustainability, or potentially invite other experts into the work. It is always very engaging. We laugh and learn a lot.

If you are interested in the Happy Hour schedule, please email

We would love to get those Zoom invites into your calendars and share a Happy Hour with you!