May 20th 2021 | by Heather Walker

Getting Ready for NHPQI’s 2021 Fall VALS Cohorts

The seeds you sow in spring are harvested in the autumn – and it’s finally spring in the North!

The above photo was taken at the Fort St John Hospital on their walking path through the grounds. Often I go here to relax, have lunch or just rest. I feel very fortunate to have this particular green space where I work and live!

2021 Fall VALS Cohorts

The PQI program will be offering a Virtual Action Learning Series in the fall!

The VALS curriculum (for short) is approximately 6 months in duration. The learning includes: science and methodology to lead yourself and multidisciplinary team through the education and project at the same time.

The program is designed to offer real time learning, and at the elbow support from the PQI coaching staff, data analyst and evaluator.

Some of the projects completed during VALS include:

  • Improving visual acuity testing in the UHNBC ED
  • Weight Bias in the family practice – and how to reduce the stigma
  • Self reflection
  • Anti-racist practices

Along with MANY other valuable projects that are resulting in improved patient outcomes, processes and provider satisfaction. These projects span regional programming as necessary and may be used for spread!

Join Us This Fall!

We invite you to plant some spring seeds!

Get in touch with and ask about our fall cohort for the virtual action learning series today!